That’s it! I am Switching to VIAC

I am so frustrated, just after I have been praising VZ for pointing out to me that I can invest up to 100% in stocks in your 3a pillar account, VZ approached me to tell me, that his colleague was misinformed, and that VZ has an policy that only allows their customers to have 80% of their portfolio in stocks.

You can imagine my frustration. I just added a third 3a pillar account to stagger the liquidation of the accounts at retirement and was eager to fill the account after having picked new ETF’s.

With a 30 year investment horizon I feel confident to invest all of the 3a pillar amount in stocks. If I can’t do that with VZ, where else can I do it?

Enter VIAC

VIAC is a well-known star in the Swiss personal finance blogger scene and has positioned itself in the market as low-cost fully digital 3a pillar solution in Switzerland. The sign-up is super simple and can be done with a smartphone in a few minutes.

VIAC (just like other 3a ETF providers), have a pre-selected list of stocks and securities to choose from.

The sign-up process is very simple and straight forward:

How to sign-up

  1. Go to and click on register
  2. You’ll have to enter some personal details, such as name, address, e-mail and phone number. They will also ask you to send in a picture of your passport or ID
  3. Then you’ll be asked to choose your investment strategy. I chose “Individual Strategy” this is where you can pick your own allocation of pre-selected ETF’s.
  4. You will notice that there are some distribution thresholds that you are not allowed to exceed.
  5. Once you have picked your strategy you save and boom – you’re done.

My 3a pillar strategy

So here it is – my new 3a pillar strategy. It is fairly straightforward:

15%Developed Markets USAiShares Core S&P5000.07%
17%Developed Markets World excluding SwitzerlandCSIF World ex CH hedged0.00%
25%Developed Markets Europe excluding SwitzerlandCSIF Europe ex CH0.01%
15%Emerging MarketsCSIF Emerging Markets0.09%
15%Switzerland CSIF SPI Extra0.00%
10%SwitzerlandCSIF SMI0.00%

You will see, that the costs are very low – even lower than VZ. Another reason the switch was successful. I hope that I can put this aside for a while and check it quarterly to see how it performs.

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Do you want to sign up for VIAC as well?

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Great guide!! Thank you very much.
If anyone else is still looking for referral links, here are two more codes:


Take care πŸ™‚

I always like seeing good VIAC reviews, since it’s simply the best solution in Switzerland at the moment.

I also have one more referral code for VIAC:


Apply at the end of registration to use VIAC and have the management fees offered for your first 500.- for life.

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