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SPF Link Collection #5

Nest Egg Calculator

This useful website by Vanguard, let’s you quickly calculate your needed retirement nest egg. By answering how long your savings should last, how long large your savings balance is today, and how much you spend each year, you get a good estimate of how much you need to have invested to life off of it until the rest of your life:

Pension Plans Compared World Wide

Visual Capitalist – Ranked: The Best and Worst Pension Plans, by Country

Ever wondered how pension plans compare world wide? The graphic in the link uses the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index to compare and break down different pension plans by adequacy, sustainability and integrity. Can you guess who’s number 1?

Large Tax Rate Differences Across Switzerland

Because Switzerland is a federal state, a lot of power and freedom is given to the local cantonal authorities, they have the liberty and incentive to compete with neighboring cantons, when it comes to tax rates. This article gives a short overview of the Swiss tax havens:

Funny: 2020 Google Trends

2020 Google Trends

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