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The economics of all-you-can-eat buffets

In this interesting analysis the writer analyzes how the all-you-can eat buffets leverage economies of scale and food staging tactics to make a decent margin in a seemingly difficult business model. The economics of all-you-can-eat buffets

PostFinance expands negative interest rates to wider number of customers

PostFinance is not the only Swiss bank that charges negative interest rate, but the bank recently announced that starting on 1. March 2020 it will apply a -0,75 % interest rate on account balances above 250’000 CHF. For customers with at least 25’000 francs invested in investment products and customers who have life insurance or mortgages from PostFinance the threshold is at 500’000 CHF. I say start putting your money to work and think of viable brokerage options, rather than sitting on all that cash, because with inflation and negative interest at work, you are only increasing the rate at which you are losing money.

The Swiss overpay for a lot of consumer goods

Diapers can be almost twice the price in Switzerland compared to the same product in Germany

To anybody that lives in Switzerland, it is no surprise, that it is expensive to live here. A study by the University of Applied Sciences in Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) has found however, that the Swiss overpay by more than 3 billion CHF per year. Some of the surcharges are attributable to higher wages and higher rent prices, but much of the increase is done by foreign companies artificially inflating prices when selling to the Swiss.

Oldest Companies in (almost) every country that are still in business

The title says is all. A neat infographic depicting the oldest companies per country that are still in business.

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