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SPF Link Collection #1

Vanguard lowers prices for index ETFs

Vanguard (an issuer of very popular low-cost ETFs) announced recently that it has cut expense ratios for 56 mutual funds and ETFs. According to a press release. Affected funds include the Total World Stock ETF (VT) and the Russell 3000 ETF (VTHR), among others. You can find the full list here.

What’s the savings behavior people in Germany, Switzerland and Austria?

The guys from “Servus, Grüezi, Hallo” Zeit Online Podcast talk about how much they save respectively in their own country. Spoiler Alert: Germans save 10%, Swiss people a bit more, Austrians a bit less. You can find the full Podcast here (in German)

The nine stages of financial independence

ESI from lays out a nice 9 stages progression to financial independence. We are in stage 3, but decided to skip stage 4 and go for stage 5 directly pretty soon. Where are you?

‘I am addicted to watching the “total accounts” number grow in my portfolio’

A funny, but straightforward response of “The Moneyist” to the question above. Memorable quote from the post:

Investing is a smarter past-time than gambling, but it’s also a second cousin, once removed.

The Moneyist

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