Portfolio Update – Q4 2019

I want to be transparent, but not foolish. I think it is good for me to keep track of the moves in portfolio holdings in order to keep myself and our family accountable, but without giving to much information out to the public. The goal will be to publish these updates on a quarterly basis, a more frequent timeline (like monthly of bi-weekly) seems overkill, especially if we have a 15-20 year time horizon. A weekly update would be like trying to watch a tree grow. 😋

So here we go our first portfolio Update:

3a Pillar Accounts

As you know from my previous post, I have switched my investment strategy to an all stock holding in my 3a accounts starting 31. January. So it will be interesting to see how this will impact the portfolio over time. I paid the last portion of the allowed maximum amount into the account: 1’838 CHF

Name End of Q3 2019 End of Q4 2019 Change
3a accounts70’874 CHF74’032 CHF+4.4%

ETF Holdings

After buying our home in November 2018 we had to liquidate not only my pension account but also our stock holdings. I just started putting money into an account again in September 2019.

Because I am still in the build-up phase I have focused our investments on two ETF index funds:

TickerName # of Units End of Q3 2019 # of Units End of Q4 2019 Change
SWDA iShare Core MSCI World USD Acc 502’912$543’407$+16.9%
SPXS S&P 500 Source ETF 00$2 1’188$n/a

There were two main driver of the change in the portfolio. The 58% growth was mainly driven by acquisitions of two SPXS and four SWDA shares, the rest came from value increases in a very bullish stock market.


The changes from Q3 to Q4 were mainly due to shifting money from our savings account to the ETF holdings and paying the rest of the allowed maximum into our 3a pillar accounts.

NameLast UpdateEnd of Q4 2020Change
3a accounts 70’874 CHF74’032 CHF+4.4%
ETF holdings2’817 CHF4’446 CHF+57.8%
TOTAL73’691 CHF 78’476 CHF+6.5%

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