Portfolio Update – Q2 2020

Another three months have passed since the last quarterly update. With Coronavirus in full effect in America, I have decided to keep any additional investment cash earmarked for stocks in cash. It seems like the stock markets especially the S&P 500 has been too bullish, probably propped up by the U.S. Treasury. So I am waiting it out to see if there is some correction happening in Q3.

As outlined in my first quarterly update, I want to keep track of my portfolio holdings in order to to keep myself and our family accountable, but without giving too much information to the public.

The goal will be to publish these updates quarterly.

3a Pillar Accounts

I shifted our 3a pillar accounts (similar to 401k in the U.S.) back into stocks and bonds after holding most of it in cash for the beginning of the year.  

Side note: The current pandemic has caused me to re-think my diversification strategy. I outline my general thoughts in this post: Everyone is a genius in a bull market. I haven’t finalized the new balancing and diversification strategy – an update on this specifically will follow in the near future. (Crazy to think, that I thought an all stock strategy is a good idea!)

NameEnd of Q1 2020End of Q2 2020 Change
3a accounts 75’167 CHF79’237 CHF+5.56%

ETF Holdings

We bought a home quite recently (November 2018), which meant, that we had to liquidate not only part of my pension account but also our stock holdings in mid-2018. I just started putting money into an brokerage account again in September 2019.

Because I am still in the build-up phase I have focused our investments on two ETF index funds. One that tracks the S&P 500 and one that follows the MSCI World Index.

I opportunistically bought 85 shares in an Oil ETF (IOGP), when oil prices dropped significantly in Q2 2020. I also continued the balancing strategy and bought 60 SWDA and 3 SPXS shares. took advantage of the low prices and bought 69 more SWDA shares and 4 SPXS shares – the purchases totaled ca. 5’410 USD.

TickerName # of Units End of Q1 2020# of UnitsEnd of Q2 2020 Change
SWDA iShare Core MSCI World USD Acc 1236’191$18310’861$+75%
SPXS S&P 500 Source ETF 41’876$73’903$+108%
IOGPiShare Oil & Gas085806$n/a
Cash467 EUR2’407 EUR+415%
TOTAL7’780 EUR16’268 EUR+109%

There were two main driver of the change in the portfolio. The total growth of 108% is mostly driven by new acquisitions.


The changes from Q1 to Q2 2020 were mainly due to shifting money from our savings account to the ETF holdings.

NameEnd of Q1 2020End of Q2 2020Change last
two quarters
3a accounts 75’167 CHF79’237 CHF+5%
ETF holdings7’915 CHF17’348 CHF+119%
TOTAL83’082 CHF96’585 CHF+16%

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