Portfolio Update – Q1 2020

Three months have passed since the last quarterly update. Boy, was this an exciting quarter. The Coronavirus Pandemic had an impact on pretty much everybodies lifes. It has dominated the media and sent stock markets into a tailspin.

As outlined in my first quarterly update, I want to keep track of my portfolio holdings in order to to keep myself and our family accountable, but without giving too much information to the public.

The goal will be to publish these updates quarterly.

3a Pillar Accounts

For those of you who follow the blog, you know that I was extremely lucky. Due to a shift of 3a Pillar accounts from one bank to another I ended up holding all of my money in cash when the Coronavirus Pandemic and the stock market downturn happened. As of 31. March I had still everything in cash. The current market situation seems to have relaxed and the panic has given way to reason. Unless anything changes I plan on re-entering the market for our 3a pillar accounts on 1. May 2020 (unless the world goes into another crisis).

Quick note: The current pandemic has caused me to re-think my diversification strategy. I outline my general thoughts in this post: Everyone is a genius in a bull market. I haven’t finalized the new balancing and diversification strategy – an update on this specifically will follow in the near future. (Crazy to think, that I thought an all stock strategy is a good idea!)

Name End of Q4 2019 End of Q1 2020 Change
3a accounts74’032 CHF 75’167 CHF+0.015%

ETF Holdings

After buying our home in November 2018 we had to liquidate not only my pension account but also our stock holdings. I just started putting money into an account again in September 2019.

Because I am still in the build-up phase I have focused our investments on two ETF index funds. I took advantage of the low prices and bought 69 more SWDA shares and 4 SPXS shares – the purchases totaled ca. 4’941 USD.

TickerName# of Units End of Q4 2019 # of Units End of Q1 2020 Change
SWDA iShare Core MSCI World USD Acc 543’407$1236’227$+82%
SPXS S&P 500 Source ETF 2 1’188$41’936$+63%

There were two main driver of the change in the portfolio. The total growth of 78% is skewed, since w made quite a few purchases, which inflated the growth rate. The the unit share price due to the market down turn was reduced by almost 18% over the period.


The changes from Q4 to Q1 2020 were mainly due to shifting money from our savings account to the ETF holdings.

NameEnd of Q4 2020End of Q1 2020Change
3a accounts 74’032 CHF 75’167 CHF+0.015%
ETF holdings4’446 CHF7’915 CHF+78%
TOTAL 78’476 CHF83’082 CHF+5.8%

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