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Goals for 2019

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I have made it a habit to journal the financial goals for our family at the beginning of the year. Before I set the goals for 2020, I wanted to look at how we did in 2019. To see earlier goals check out a summary post on our financial goals of the past years (2013-2018).

Goals for 2019

Because 2018 was such a whirl-wind of a year – 2019 became a year of “letting the dust settle” and getting back on track in terms of financial planning.

  • Pay-in max amount to 3a pillar ✔️
    • Paid in two lump sums, rather than monthly contributions. Since we moved to France in late 2018 and it took us a while to get settled, I kept paying my 3a account, even though I do not get any tax deductions from it and basically lock that money in for 30 years!
      Note to self: in 2020 no more 3a contributions. $
    • Since we now have a DEGIRO brokerage account, there is really no reason for us to keep paying into the 3a pillar in 2020.
  • Find a good brokerage account in France and start regular contributions ➖
    • It took me longer than it should have to start looking for a brokerage account, that is why I am not going to give myself a check-mark on this item.
    • We got a DEGIRO account and contributed 3’910 EUR by the end of the year 2019.
  • Set aside an Emergency Fund of 10’000 CHF in cash ✔️ With a house and four kids it seems like there are always potential large expenses that cannot be foreseen.
  • Get cheap French cell phone plan for my wife (I have a Swiss number through my work)

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  • We settled on a package from which includes:
    • free calls to mobiles and landline in France.
    • free calls to landlines in europe and Switzerland
    • free calls from France to cellphones and landlines in USA and Canada
    • free SMS
    • and 50 GB free data in France and Europe 😮
    • all for an unbeatable price of 24.99 EUR – I don’t even want to know what that would cost us with Swisscom!
  • My cell plan is through the company – ergo free 😀


Because 2019 was a transition year our goals were not too aggressive. It was important to get back into things, to streamline some of our expenses, but still be realistic, that we won’t be able to have the perfect setup from the get-go in France.

Do you set financial goals for the year for your family?

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