Revolut is a British fintech company headquartered in London that offers banking services. Namely it offers an bank account, that allows to carry different currencies on the account. Revolut debit card (Visa) is paired with a powerful app, that gives full control to the client.

On the app you can:

  • freeze your debit card
  • change PIN
  • add virtual debit cards
  • check your transactions
  • exchange money
  • send money
    …and much more

The carrying of several different currencies and the preferential exchange rate were the selling point for us. Living on the border to Switzerland, France and Germany means that we need to be able to pay in EUR and CHF on a regular basis. Revolut facilitates that and does not add horrendous fees for exchanging money.

Revolut offers its clients the interbank exchange rate (only during weekdays as of 8. August 2020) without any markup on all currencies (with exception for Thai Baht and Ukrainian Hryvnia.) On the weekend, there is a small mark up for the service (+0.5%).

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